Wednesday, November 9, 2011

B . O . A . T .

Goodies from West Marine
  Bust Out Another Thousand -- that's what BOAT stands for. I still have not gotten over the sticker shock of all things marine, nautical, that have the word BOAT on it, etc. Scott took an hour trip to West Marine. A national chain boat store that carries just about everything you could ever need, but also carries a slightly bigger price tag. West Marine is clever & always puts a store next to a marina, if they don't have it they can order it for you, they offer disounts to new boat owners. (They should sponsor us for this plug they're getting) Anyway, there are lots of things we need to fully provision Malaika before we leave the U. S. for several months so we just have to gasp, & pay up. We bought a new anchor. A great big 60 pounder. We never want to drag again. We also bought all the jugs we'll need to carry extra fuel on deck. New fishing pole, gaff, life jacket for Jib, water pump, bilge pump... It's not glamorous shopping. I don't usually go anymore because Scott loves that store & can spend hours in there. Thanks to Matt for driving Scott there & helping with the discount! :)  The other exciting news is that my birthday is only a few days away & Scott will be shaving his beard off. I can't wait to see his cute face. He has decided to torture me during these last days with his beard & have a new look each day. He is so hilarious.
Nice Chops
My new wine glass rack from Scott
Love & miss everybody!!!-- Michelle, Scott & Jib
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