Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Sunday Everybody!

  This weekend has just flown by! The past couple days Scott has done a lot of projects on the boat & I've been trying to get the cabin more organized. It's such a small space but there is a lot of planning involved when you start packing things down below. We are lucky & have a ton of storage. It's just not easy to get to all those nooks & crannies so "most used" things need to be the easiest to get to.
 It's been a really fun weekend here in the marina. Friday was "1st Friday Art Walk" in the historic district. So many people were out & about. All the local merchants participate, not just galleries. Jib wasn't allowed in most places so we ended up @ our favorite consignment store, "Sailors's Exchange". They already know Jib there & let him hang out. Plus, they had the best goodies too. Wine, beer, finger foods. We bought a new fish net. "Art" means different things to different people. :)  We ran into all our new friends from the marina while we were out on Art Walk, then had the best time at Dave & Haila's post art walk party on their boat. Saturday 1/2 the marina went to a Chinese Buffet for Dan's birthday. Our buddies Dan & Cheryl arrived in the marina a couple days after us & are also getting lots of projects done on their boat before we all head south to the Bahamas.
   Hope everybody is having a great weekend. Love & Miss you--Michelle, Scott, & Jib

Happy Birthday Dan!

Scott's finished water jug project

Scott trimming up boards that will support our extra water & fuel jugs
Hitched a ride to the flea market!

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