Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walk In The City

So many cool sights in the city!
Beautiful downtown St. Augustine. Jib's 1st fountain..
   So...we were going to get right to all the boat projects today...and then we didn't. We took Jib for his 1st long walk to the historic downtown of St. Augustine. Jib needed lots of coaxing once we exited the marina & he could see & hear all the traffic & "city" noises. A few times he just sat down...in fear. He spent the 1st 11wks of his life on a rural farm & the last 4 days on our boat in our safe marina so it's understandable. Once he realized he was safe with us no matter where we go, he just went for it. It was so cool to watch our little guy have this new experience that is the "city".  I promise this isn't going to become a puppy blog. However, Jib will be a huge part of our life & journey so his arrival & new experiences are part of this. Also, Im going to write every pet store & tell them our story...perhaps they will want to follow Jib on his many adventures! "Where in the world is Jib?"
  Tomorrow, it's time to get serious. We have many projects to finish before our departure for the Bahamas...  This time, I mean it!
Love & miss everyone
     Michelle, Scott, & Jib
Exploring city life
Jib is learning quick to pose for the camera


lylaine said...

Great idea about a blog for Jib the Sailor Dog. :>) Maybe Petsmart...since it's based in Phoenix...Seems like someone should grab that idea and run with you!! Maybe even a dog food company that would provide food for fotos! :>) ("Jib-will work for food!")

Paul Klink said...

Great work you guys! I'll keep following your blog as long as you are sailing. Hope the canvas thing works out. I'm braving my first denver winter. Plenty of snow. Enjoy Florida.
Paul Klink