Monday, November 7, 2011

Full Speed Ahead!!

Fresh from the Farmer's Market yesterday...yummy
  We are just plugging right along with all our projects. Scott has become such a carpenter/handyman/electrician ! I'm so proud of him. This boat is going to be SO READY for the islands when my hubby gets done. I feel bad because Scott's projects are much more labor intensive than mine. I'm organizing the inside of the boat, getting all our paperwork things in order. Things that must be done but don't wear me out physically.  I walked/biked about 3-4miles in rainy drizzle trying to get Jib's paperwork for the Bahamas in order...which wasn't really pleasant, but didn't make my back hurt.
New screens for overhead hatches..w/custom teak latches made by my hubby
  This is also my Birthday week!! :)  I love Birthday week!!  Yesterday, Scott made me a wine bag from some canvas we bought took a lot of sewing! I love it.  Today he left on the bike to get some marine supplies & came home with pink gerber daisies.  XXXOOO My life is good. I love my hubby!
Scott working on new space for batteries. Look @ Jib. He has to be wherever Scott is.
My custom wine bag...made by my hubby
Custom Marine Canvas stopped by with the new "bones" of our full enclosure. So Excited!!!
My gerber daisies & my beautiful glass necklace from Cheri & Dan. I love Birthday week!!

The pantry. And Jib. And all his toys.

The boat is always a work in progress. Scott & I are working hard to have our best,  most comfortable, sailing vessel. Look out Bahamas....the Schapker's are coming!

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