Monday, November 21, 2011

Lonely Boat

Hurry Home Hubby
Jib is missing Scott too
  Scott left early yesterday morning to help move a boat to South Carolina. He thought it would be good experience because they were going "outside" for most of the journey. "Outside" refers to the outside of the ICW & in open water. He's with Aaron from s/v Creola who is a licensed Captain & does this for a living & I'm sure Scott will learn a lot from him. Matt from s/v Kindred Spirit went along too for more open water experience. They will be home Wednesday afternoon. So, it's just me & Jib here all alone on Malaika. :(  I'm so used to spending 24/7 with Scott that I feel very lonely without him. So glad to have Jib. He's good company.
  I'm also trying to fill my time doing what I can to help ready Malaika for cruising again. A little difficult to run errands being solo with Jib. He's still too young & fiesty to leave home unattended so he has to go everywhere with me. We used to leave him in the bathroom but he has quickly outgrown that space.
  This past weekend was "Night of Lights" in St. Augustine. A group of us from the marina walked downtown for the official flipping of the switch. The lights didn't go on after the first countdown, it was like the scene from Christmas Vacation. The whole town counted down again & everything was all a twinkle. St. Augustine looks just like a little Christmas village now.
 Hidden Harbor Marina gang @ Night of Lights.
  Hope everyone is off to a good start this Monday morning. Will be missing all of you on Thanksgiving!! Love, Michelle & Jib
St. Augustine town square ready for the Holidays!!

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S/V Curieuse said...

It looks a little chilly up there. We hope everything is going well! We have a weather window tomorrow to jump to the Bahamas so we will be watching the blog with great anticipation. We know you guys can do it look how far you have come!! We miss you!!

Cheri and Dan