Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodbye's Are So Hard

    We had so much fun with Scott's parents these past few days. It was so great to see them. BIG tears when they left this morning. We felt sad about it all day. It was so awesome being with family on our boat. Special Thanks to Pam for putting up with all our antics after too many Tecates. We love you both so much. Thanks for being our 1st visitors. I hope you all come visit us in the Bahamas because being with family on our boat is the best feeling for Scott & I.
Safe travels Andy!
Everybody in place to help Everett get on his way
Safe travels Everett !! Hope to see you in the Bahamas!
   The great migration south resumes!  4 boats left the marina today. Dan & Cheri left early this morning continuing down Florida.(Too early for me to get a photo...slept in today) We will meet up again in a few weeks. Our new friends Deb & Kevin on s/v Grace are moving on towards the Bahamas. Everett is right behind them single handing his pretty Peirson.  Just heading "South", is our pal Andy on s/v Mellow Seas. The fun part of cruising is that you run into your friends in a new exciting place with a whole new book of stories to tell. Safe travels to all of you. We spent the rest of today doing boat chores so we too, can get back into the migration. Let me just say, cleaning the anchor locker is a real drag. No pun intended.
Hope to see you soon Andy!! 1st: Connecticut. 2nd: Florida. 3rd: ?who knows?
All hands on deck !! All the guys helping Andy walk his boat out of the marina

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Michelle said...

I caught up with your post while laying ing in bed listening to white noise...HA...the sounds of nature...rain, ocean waves, and early morning chirping. I highly recommend it to all those reading your posts and seeing your pics. I felt like I was there! Do! Be safe!