Friday, November 18, 2011

Tick Tock

SHABAM! Our new 60 lb Manson anchor. Humongous!

New deck rack - custom built by my hubby
Scott & I are starting to feel the pressure of getting all the boat projects done....the clock just keeps ticking away. We are planning to leave St. Augustine Dec 1st. Only 2 weeks to go which I'm sure will fly by as these past 3 already have. Everyday we try to accomplish as much as we can. Our new anchor is on, anchor locker cleaned up. Scott is building some racks to put on deck so we can store things out there too, like our other 2 anchors. The full enclosure is coming right along. I will be sad to leave our new friends here at Hidden Harbor Marina but I am starting to get sooo excited about the Bahamas. We are so close!!
Super clean anchor locker...I've got the bruises to prove it! I never knew I was that flexible!
Scott getting the new anchor set up.
We have a roof!

  Poor Lil' Jib. We went back to the vet yesterday (thank you David for lending us your truck...again), his bladder infection returned almost 24hrs after finishing his antibiotics. He had an ultrasound, needle aspiration into the bladder to get a sterile specimen. New antibiotics for UTI, cream for a little sore on his foot, his 3rd round of vaccines. Yep. Pricey trip to the doctor. Good thing we love that little guy so much! :)

  After dinner lastnight, Lindsey & Matt from s/v Kindred Spirit stopped by & invited us on a night bike ride through St. Augustine. Josh from s/v Polaris came too. What an awesome time!! St. Augustine is even more beautiful at night. Thanks for inviting us guys! We had a blast & plan to do again.  This weekend is "Night of Lights" in St. Augustine. This place is going to be so beautiful !!! I hope I can capture it in pictures.
We rode to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum where there is a replica of  David. Lindsey, Matt & Josh were awesome tour guides!

Lindsey, Josh & Matt acting silly after our bike ride
Love & Miss everybody!! XXXOOO


Michelle said...

Did you know Jib is a word on Words With Friends? I've used it many times, thanks Jib! I hope the little tyke feels better soon! Glad it's the weekend. I have many "boat" projects too. Be safe!

Mellow Seas said...

hi guys,

spent two days behind Ft Matanzas. very cool anchorage with all the sandy beaches that jib could ever want! now Im down in Daytona beach. It's not safe to say yet but i think it's a little further south and then over to the bahamas. the icw below St Auggie is great but I need some open all the pics of those sexy mellisy boys!