Monday, November 28, 2011

Countdown to Launch Begins

This is my 3 page "Walmart List" for provisioning the boat!

  If all goes according to plan we will be leaving St. Augustine, Florida on Thursday 12/1, headed further south to Lake Worth, Fl. That will be our departure point for the Bahamas. This past weekend we got our navigation charts out again (haven't looked at those in a month) just to start familiarizing ourselves with the route we'll be taking. We are getting SOOOO excited to be in that Bahama blue water! :) Our chore list seems endless but we just plug away at things & squeeze some fun in between. Saturday we went on a sunset cruise with Lindsey & Matt on their boat Kindred Spirit. They let us bring Jib so he went on his 1st big boat ride. He was nervous at first, but settled down quickly. I think he is going to do just fine when we start moving again.
  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We're always thinking of you. Love you all so much!!  XXXOOO
S/V Kindred Spirit is pet friendly--Oliver was a bit annoyed to have a dog on board
A little Christmas Cheer on Malaika

Jib the Sailor Dog


Mellow Seas said...

Hi guys,

Looks like you may be catching up to me. I'm only in titusville.(still) I plan on heading further south tomorrow. titusville muncipal marina is a good stop over. moorings 15 bucks.

Leaving was hard for me. good byes are tough and creature comforts are great it feels great to be off about 5 minutes after you pull away from the dock.


The Last Mango said...

My wife & I love your blog. You guys have come a long way. Please visit our blog (although we haven't updated in a while)Also, not sure if you guys have thought about it, but we bought a SPOT tracker and subscribed to their tracking service when we travelled the intercoastal. It was a great way for our friends to know exactly where we were at any given moment and it served as a cheap EPIRP. Hope we can meet some day when we retire, can finaly drop our mooring pennants and head south to warmer weather. Till then, fair winds... Juan & Linda Davila s/v The Last Mango

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys we finally have internet. We are in Marsh Harbor Awaiting your arrival. We are having a great itme with our Canadian friends. Looks like you did not miss a beat. See you don't need us at all!! You will be fine. Watch the weather carefully before you cross. Oh be sure to have a hawaian sling or something to stab lobsters as there were plenty in Great Sale Cay but no way for me to get them. I will give you the coordinates of the best spot to catch them. Write to our email ok. Love Cheri and Dan

Michelle said...

So much of what you write is a metaphor for life. You have made me ponder what would be in MY "ditch bag". At this point, it certainly wouldnt all fit. Hmmmmm.......