Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Time

Birthday Brunch by the sea

We have been having the best time with Scott's parents the past few days. It's so awesome to have family with us !! Yesterday we started our day going to mass at the Basilica in the historic district of St. Augustine. The parish was founded in the 1500's, it was the first parish in America! St. Augustine holds the title of the oldest city in America. There is so much history here. We went home to pick up Jib & headed out for brunch. Bringing Jib turned out to be our lucky charm. We were seated out on our own private little patio overlooking the beach. Free flowing champagne, waves crashing in the background, delicious food. We enjoyed it so much we were there for 2-3 hours. Then we walked down to the beach for about an hour. It was a day of 1st's for Jib. His 1st restaurant, 1st day at the beach, 1st day without an afternoon nap. He did awesome. He loved the sand at the beach but not really too sure about the ocean. I'm sure when you're only a foot tall the waves are pretty intimidating.
Mission Nombre de Dios - founded in the 1565. The 1st shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary is located here. Also, the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche.  Mothers to be came here for hundreds of years to pray for a healthy delivery & good breastfeeding! :)
 It was a glorious day. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful birthday. I can't wait for next year when I turn 29 !  :)   (Ha Ha)
Sand is so fun!!
Holy Huge Horses!! The one in the background is a normal size horse, not a pony!
Jib with St. Francis of Assisi
Whew! What a day!!
Love & Miss everyone!!
Schapker's on the edge of the Atlantic


The Figueroa's said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! 29 again, congratulations! St. Augustine looks/sounds beautiful. And Scott looks much less like a yeti.
Love Matt, Star, Sienna and Tillman

Ali Alvidrez said...

That brunch sounds heavenly! Happy Birthday!

Marianne said...

happy Birthday !! love the pictures and blog ! miss you