Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meet The Parents

Thank You SOOO much Christina, Xavier, Theresa, Joseph, Cindy & big Xavier for your birthday wishes!! I love you all so much!! And miss you like crazy!
Like Father like Son
Beard do #4
We have had a great time so far with the parents!!  When you live on a boat you always wonder if your friends & family could handle the "boat life" . Pam & Alan just moved right in &( at least say) they are so comfy in our little boat.  We had such a fun day walking around St. Augustine. We only scratched the surface in shopper world but plan to expand that the next few days. This is just so much fun!!
Yummy Lunch at Columbia


lylaine said...

Looks like they're enjoying their grandpuppy! And Jib thinks they're OK, too. :>) Have a great visit! Imagine we're all there with them hugging you, too. XO

Queen Mamalama said...

Hope this comment finally posts! Loving your blog. Shared it with my mom over breakfast yesterday. We just marvel at your tenacity. Jib looks precious and cozy. Sharon Murphy just rescued a 6yo Golden. I hope it helps with her recent doggie loss. Can't replace your pups...but our hearts have a huge capacity for love. I went walking this am...listened to Funk a long time ago...good times! Tell the parents they missed some great rainstorms here! Much needed. Happy Birthday! Btw..I love Scott's creative hairstyles! So manly! Well...maybe not at it's peak...

Queen Mamalama said...'s michelle h.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!! I hope you are having a great one! I bet you never thought you would be "sailing away" on your birthday and as part of living the dream...but you look good doing it!! Mwah! I wish we could be together to celebrate! Say Hi to all and congrats on the new member of the family! Jib is sooooo adorable! Man, really wish I could be there, but I live vicariously through your pics daily....keep posting them! Maybe someday we can meet you in the Bahamas...Honeymoon anyone? lol...LOVE YOU! Kel

Lisa & Steve said...

Hi Scott and Michelle.
Sorry i havent commented before. Never knew about blogging. I"m not such a great computer person. Oh well. Miss you guys alot. Nobody here to harass as much as I enjoyed doing that to Scott!
I had a knee replacement about 8 weeks ago. Recovering nicely but they made me go back to work a couple weeks ago, no retirement for me. Cant wait for our turn to come and visit. I am waiting for you to be in the Caribbean. Behave yourselves!
Lisa and Steve