Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!  We sure do miss our friends & family today!! :(
Wish you could have all been here to enjoy Thanksgiving on Malaika. We had our friends over for dinner. Everyone brought a dish or two & we had quite a feast. Not totally void of turkey. We had turkey tacos!  Boat ovens aren't big enough for a, it would take so much propane! We also had the traditionals.. ham, green beans, potatos, sweet yams, stuffing...the works! We're all stuffed, just like at home. So many things to be thankful for this year! Im thankful for the love & support of our families. We would not be where we are without you. We love you all so much. Im thankful for our awesome friends & the happiness & love they all bring to our lives---miss you guys so much too!! Im thankful for my husband who is sharing this life with me. Im thankful that he works so hard to make sure Malaika is sea worthy & will keep us safe on the water. Our love is such an adventure. Im thankful for our new little guy, Jib. He has been like a ray of sunshine after losing Jesse. We love him so much already.  Im thankful for our new full enclosure that is SOOO Awesome!! Im thankful for all the wonderful people we've met on this journey so far. They all helped us so much & are all just great people.  Im thankful to be healthy & to have this opportunity to live such a full life with my soulmate. We are so lucky. We have so much.
Much Love to everyone.  and...Woo Hoo!!! It's officially the Holiday Season!! Yay!!! Bring on the lights! Bring on the glitter! I CAN NOT wait to put Christmas lights all over Malaika!
Thanksgiving on Malaika. Lindsey, Matt, Josh, Greg, & Scott
Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib
  P.S. So great to hear from all the Klink brothers! So happy you all follow the blog & hope to see  you in the Bahamas!
We are fully enclosed!! LOVE IT !! Great job Cindy! Custom Marine Canvas does awesome work!
Jib is getting his sea legs...hangs out on deck with us now

Full Enclosure--outside view. Notice how enormous Jib is getting!

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Michelle said...

Love the update! Wonderful pics...can't pick a favorite. I'm in North Carolina. Loving a change of landscape!!! Understatemed. Glad you share this life you live on your blog!