Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back To Work !!!

Our new "boat card"
  As I mentioned the last few blogs, Scott & I have settled into marina life just fine & had a wonderful break from boat stuff. We basically took a week off.  Okay, a week & a half. So, the past 2 days we've stepped it up a little & at least done a few of our projects. There are ALWAYS projects waiting to be done on a boat. There are certain things we really need to complete before we leave for the Bahamas. Which is like 3 weeks away !!!  Also, Scott's parents are coming to visit next week so we need to make their space nice & cozy. We do have 2 bedrooms. Most cruisers use their extra bedroom as a garage. So I spent the afternoon "cleaning out the garage". It's really great to have some guests come because it motivates you to do the projects you've been avoiding. Can't wait to see you Pam & Alan!! :)
  Yesterday, Scott finished splicing a bridal for our anchor. It's really a piece of art! I'll show pictures & explain that tomorrow. We also got our "boat cards" done.  A lot of cruisers have their own boat cards. It's a really great way to keep the contact info for all the people you meet along your journey. It's kind of a social net working among cruisers. 
Custom Marine Canvas stopped by to start our full enclosure...which means dismantling the partial cover we do have.. :(
Jib is more interested in his toys than boat projects. He gathers them all around him before he goes to cute
Much love to everyone!! Miss you all. XXXOOO
Scott splicing line (rope) to make a bridal for the anchor
Our new screens for the overhead hatches..custom made by my hubby!

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BF said...

Those tomatoes look so good. I bet they will make BLT"S taste so ridiculous yummy. New dog awesome way it go. Looks like you guys are having an magnificent time. GO SCHAPKER"S show the world how cool is to discover new places. PBH is missing you like always. You guys are crazy for doing this, but is so awesome! Kudos... Stay safe, say hello to the new boat member Jib.